I Can’t Draw


I was reading an interesting article recently about drawing basics that described how drawing develops (or doesn’t) in children:

Around sixth grade is when you decided that symbols just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. You’d try and draw what you actually see, but your conditioned, logical mind, kicks in and overrides your creative impulse and spits out yet another symbol, or even better, a modified symbol that does somewhat resemble the object you want to draw. Your creative mind sees your symbol drawing and says “This does NOT look like what I want! I can’t draw, so I will never draw again!”

I’m not sure if it happened for me exactly like the folks over at learntodraw.com describe, but certainly somewhere along the line during my childhood, I declared myself a non-artist.  An aartist…see what I did there…I crack myself up sometimes.

To my recollection, I have never so much as attempted to free-hand draw anything in my adult life.  I’m creative and can craft lots of artistic looking things – jewelry, decor, photos, and so on…but to pick up a pencil and put it down on a blank sheet of paper? For the purpose of producing anything that looks like something?  No way.  Because, I Can’t Draw, so I never even try.

One day in December (I know it was a Tuesday because Tuesdays are meeting days), I was sitting in my home office on a conference call about a topic that didn’t pertain to me.  Maybe it was knowing that I only had to keep part of my attention directed to the call, or maybe like the article suggests, the call kept my “logical mode” thinking distracted so my “artistic mode” could run free…whatever the case, by the time that call ended, I had this:


Not too shabby for the very first time ever putting pencil to paper!  If I can’t draw…I wonder what else I can’t do?