Blogging 101 – Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Blogging 101

Still working on title and tagline.  My current title is “The Fill in the Blank Analyst”, which I don’t hate, but I also don’t love. The idea is that I’m a systems analyst for a living, and I analyze and over-analyze everything…so this blog is a place to externalize all that…analysis!  I’m completely stuck on a tagline.

This will be so random and haphazard, but here is a list of phrases, terms, quotes or words that I either like or describe me:

  • analysis paralysis
  • shenanigans
  • Fibonacci (I just love how that word sounds when spoken! And it has some relevance to work and life)
  • serious
  • funny
  • adept
  • agile
  • attentive
  • attuned
  • authentic
  • brave
  • clumsy
  • exotic
  • loyal
  • functional
  • heartfelt
  • icky
  • bonkers
  • humble
  • melodic
  • vital/vitality




    • I wish I could take credit, but several folks are giving me great ideas to work with…something is brewing! 😉

  1. Something that keeps science/analysis in the title would be good.
    I am struggling with mine too

  2. I’m a PTSD recoverer and analyst! D’ya think we became analysts so we could have choices and look at choices and map flows in a way we couldn’t in our personal lives?

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