About Jenny

Welcome!  I’m Jenny & I’m the mom of 3 amazing-people-in-training, a full time systems analyst…and I have a blog.  I created a WordPress account in 2012 and birthed my very first post on February 10, 2015.  That’s a 3 year gestation period – long by even elephant standards.  In the 12 days since that inaugural post,  I’ve managed to publish 9 more, but the dreaded ‘about me’ page just won’t budge.  I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have a clear vision regarding why I’m here or where I’m going with this blog – let me just offer that up and call it a day.  If this birth isn’t coming naturally, I’ll deliver it via C-section!

For now, this is a place to rant, rave, muse, question, share, advise, ponder…about things that interest me, move me, provoke me.  Most importantly, this is a place to practice.  Practice writing words.  I’ve always wanted “to write” even without entirely understanding what that means or entails.  I have conjured up some image of what it means “to write” or “be a writer” that feels daunting, intimidating and overwhelming.  So for now, this is about getting started…taking baby steps.  One of my favorite mom-isms is, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step’ – and this is my first step.

I do know what this blog is not.  It is not “a blog about” any single, easy to identify – or even define – thing.  It will not neatly fold into a homogenous, succinct or tidy package. My life isn’t like that, I am not like that, and I don’t seek to create a blog like that.

I love music, so I might write about that.  I have ADHD, I will definitely write about that.  I’m an avid reader, so there may be a book review or two – on second thought, don’t get too hopeful for those…I hate reviewing books!  I’ve learned a lot about relationships and parenting and I have accumulated some wisdom as it pertains to this business of life we go about every day, and I will surely write about all those things.  The topics I write about will likely be as complex and chaotic as my life, and as heterogeneous as the thoughts in my ADHD-riddled brain.

Having said all that, you may be thinking, “this sounds like a blog about writing”…you may be thinking that because that’s exactly what I’m thinking.  But it’s not that either.  Granted, the writing is important, or I wouldn’t be here.  But it’s more than that…bigger than that.  The words are about something else…something along the lines of growth…or expression…or healing…but definitely something bigger than just words.

As you take a look around, please feel free to leave PG-rated, constructive feedback (I might need thicker skin than I currently have for this public blog stuff!). Two things I am particularly concerned about when I write:

  1. Do I sound like me when I write?  To people who know me in person, does my writing seem like it was crafted by the same person?  Certainly writing is more formal and deliberate than most synchronous conversation, but I want my writing to maintain some “me-ness” about it.
  2. Things always make sense when they are inside of my brain, but I’m not always sure they still make sense when they are outside.  How would I know if the message intended is in sync with the message received?


    • So sorry for the delay…thank you for the nomination! I’ve completed the Liebster challenge with a bit of a modification!

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