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Yet Another Life-ism


Here’s one universal, immutable,  absolute truth regarding awakening: through the process waking up in life, we are gifted the ability to look around and easily see who’s still asleep – what they still have hidden in their shadows – but under no circumstances can we tell that person what those things are. By definition, that very unawareness ensures any attempt to shine a flashlight on that shit will be met with defensiveness or hostility. Cruel […]

Healing at the Omnimax

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My youngest son is not even 11 and has already had a rough life.  I was divorced with 2 young children when I met his dad – let’s call him Sven – who had de facto custody of his young daughter.  Looking back, I think he moved me in quickly to have someone to take care of his daughter, and I was attracted to him because he seemed like such a grown up – he […]

One More Life-ism


I think a lot of people assume trauma isn’t relevant to them.  But trauma is kind of like Buddhism…you know how in Buddhism, everyone is a Buddha whether they realize it or not?  Similarly, no one gets through life without some physical or interpersonal injury that is so painful or overwhelming, it exceeds our ability to effectively cope with it. It’s not a “bad thing” that needs to be avoided or denied…it just is.  It’s […]

Thank You, Anne Lamott


You own everything that happened to you.  Tell your stories.  If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better. Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

Unconditional Love


I just finished reading a post that got me thinking…not that I haven’t thought about this before.  The author was presumably referring to unconditional love within the context of an adult relationship, specifically his or her own marriage.  I’m not going to link or re-blog because I suspect my differing opinion would be offensive or hurtful to the author. But I do have a very different opinion on unconditional love among mature adults in romantic partnerships: unconditional […]

DIY Trauma Healing


DISCLAIMER:  I sometimes describe myself as  “neuroscience geek” because I’m fascinated by humans and this business we call life.  Maybe I’m smarter than the average bear on this topic because I’ve read a lot and explored a lot myself, but at the end of the day, I’m a lay person.  I am not, by profession, trade or educational background, a researcher, doctor, therapist or anything else that could be considered an expert, by anyone’s yard […]

Music: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Anyone who has met me more than twice could tell you how deeply I’m moved by music. Not that I have ever been able to create music, nor do I think I have any kind of technical expertise or even overly sophisticated taste in music…but still, I am a voracious consumer and I like to think my musical horizons are far reaching. Listening to Cliffs of Dover earlier today got me a little nostalgic, to […]

Be Careful Who You Make Memories With

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It’s October, 2013 and I’m about to leave for Italy with the gentleman I often refer to as ‘both my greatest tormentor and greatest teacher’. It’s already been a year of great tumult at that point – complete with all the classic roller-coaster-and-eggshell-walking red flags which are common in BPD relationships…all of them completely missed and overlooked on my part. Denial was quite the luxury then. I remember talking to my best friend before that […]