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Healing at the Omnimax

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My youngest son is not even 11 and has already had a rough life.  I was divorced with 2 young children when I met his dad – let’s call him Sven – who had de facto custody of his young daughter.  Looking back, I think he moved me in quickly to have someone to take care of his daughter, and I was attracted to him because he seemed like such a grown up – he […]

Music: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Anyone who has met me more than twice could tell you how deeply I’m moved by music. Not that I have ever been able to create music, nor do I think I have any kind of technical expertise or even overly sophisticated taste in music…but still, I am a voracious consumer and I like to think my musical horizons are far reaching. Listening to Cliffs of Dover earlier today got me a little nostalgic, to […]

Cliffs of Dover

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Inspiration comes at the damnedest times and from the damnedest places. I have been experimenting with different post formats lately, and I was thinking this morning I should try a video post. I was poking around in my bookmarks on YouTube to see if anything jumped out at me, and voilà, a story was born.

Karma Chipmunk

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The story of how these words landed here, in this blog that I started three years ago yet have never posted to, is as esoteric as the story of the karma chipmunk itself. How two strangers can find each other amid such vast time and space, and share a small part of each other, with each other, for just a brief moment, is as important a lesson as the one my chipmunk taught me that […]